"the suffering saints of eons past

and the suffering saints of today's world

have much to teach us about a living faith."     ~Dr. Pat

Please Pray for:

  • Pray for extremist groups like ISIS, Boko Harm in Nigeria, Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, al-Qa'ida in the Arabian Peninsula, Taliban in Pakistan and Al-shabaab in Somalia to name a few, pray for them to realize who they really are fighting for. Pray they turn to God, to Jesus Christ His son to be saved from a future they will have no way to escape in the arms of Satan.
  • Pray for the people living in Gaza, Christian and some Muslims alike, as they live day to day without much hope of survival at the hands of Hamas.  ISIS has also penetrated the country, trying to take control. Pray for the love and strength of Christians to change the Muslim hearts.
  • Pray for Syrian and Iraqi refugees scattered throughout the region as a result of ISIS gaining more and more control of the Middle East.
  • Pray for the Islamists and Orthodox Jews to come to know who Jesus Christ really is and commit themselves to Him.
  • Pray for ISIS, a group of Sunni Muslims, as they push their brutal way into the Middle East, killing Shiite Muslims as well as Christians and other religious minorities. Pray they are stopped, that Jesus would open their hearts and minds to the truth of who they really serve.
  • Pray for the USA and other countries to come together to help stop the advance of ISIS in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere in the world.
  • Pray for Christians in Eritrea that are suffering severe persecution at the hands of the government.
  • Pray for Christians in Morocco in the mist of stepped up persecution from the government and the Muslim community.
  • Pray for Egypt as the people revolt against the government's handling of their lives and country. Pray for an awakening of Jesus Christ and His love for all of them.
  • Pray for Mohammed Hegazy to return to faith in Jesus. He has back tracked to Islam after a long and difficult imprisonment because of his conversion from Islam to Christianity. He has been released from the Egyptian prison system which he has been in and out of since 2007.
  • Pray for Christians throughout the world to hold fast to their faith and be a light to those who are caught up in the misguided allegiance to a life that strengthens only the darkness.